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Bringing the outside IN

Honouring and Sharing
Nature's Blessings through Floristry, Embroidery & Workshops.

Custom Bloom Blessings Available: 


Unleash your creativity ~ Relax your mind ~ Connect to nature ~ Celebrate ~ Community 

Mobile Workshops for wellbeing,
celebration & connection


Mobile Workshops..... Flower Crowns / Wreaths / Flower Arrangements 
Learn more:


26/11/2023 Save The Date
Christmas Wreath Workshop

Custom Botanical Art

Flowers transform energy of space
They light up our moods
Communicate messages 
Bring blessings to celebrations and mournings


Fresh Flowers 

Danielle specialises in:
-Bloom Blessing Subscriptions:
Weekly/fortnightly/monthly fresh flower arrangements for corporate, retail, office and home spaces. 
-Bloom Blessing Bouquets to send love 
-Flower Crowns 
-Events on request

Danielle's style is inspired by the Australian Bush, Wild gardens and the often unseen. She aims to emulate the essence, quirkiness and wild forms of nature through her designs.
Danielle pours so much love into her designs with a key focus on honouring nature and sourcing local and seasonal blooms. 


Dried Flowers 

Danielle specialises in:
-Dried Arrangements 
-Dried Wreaths
-Dried Bouquets 
-Dried Flower Mobiles 
-Dried Floating Clouds
-Dried Wall Installations
-Dried Garlands
-Dried Flower Crowns
-Dried Flowers for events on request 

''I've come to see dried flowers as the floral equivalent of fermented foods-
flowers are harvested when they are their most bountiful and can be preserved and used at times when they are no longer freely available''
-Claire Victoria Bowen

Danielle aspires to create botanical art with dried flowers that bring blessings and beauty inside.
Danielle aims to mostly use naturally dried blooms which aren't doused in chemicals or painted.
She either sources blooms locally or grows them herself and naturally dries them in her studio. This is a slow process. Allowing blooms to lose moisture but retain their powerful life force energy to use in arrangements. 
Danielle specialises in dried flowers that don't look 'dead' but rather full of life, character and beauty. 


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