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About the Artist:

My Name is Danielle Davidson and I am the artist behind Bloom Blessings. 

Since I was a little girl art has been my passion. I remember when I was a child, I used to pull things out of our recycle bin to craft with, always creating with things in my environment. Overtime I have practiced in recycled art, drawings, paintings, embroidery, crochet, floristry and pressed nature art. 

Through all my mediums Nature is my biggest inspiration and I aspire to reflect the gratitude of Nature's beautiful gifts in my art. 

When I began my floristry journey in 2020 my heart found its calling- the act of making art with flowers and gifting blessings of nature to lift people spirits, combining my two favourite things- its a dream come true! 

I aspire to weave the blessings from flowers into my embroidery art to light up peoples spaces and share the love of flowers.

I also have a longing to reignite the significance and symbology of flower crown wearing at events which is how Bloom Blessings began. 

My flower crown workshops aspire to connect people back to the importance of flower crown blessings at events and in doing so ignite their creative heart. 


My Embroidery is made by commission.

I specialise in bridal bouquet embroidery art and also clothing embroidery. If you want a piece of clothing/ patch or hanging art embroidered with some beautiful stitch work then I'm your girl! 

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