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Custom Pet Portrait Embroidery



Having your pet embroidered is next level LOVE!

Its a great way to cherish your favourite friend, keep those special memories, show people for generations to come, and have the essence of your pet stitched into artwork! 

The option is yours:

~ Have your pet embroidered in a hoop and display as a wall hanging

~ Have your pet embroidered as a patch to stick onto clothes

~ Have your pet embroidered onto your very own piece of clothing so you can frollic around with your animal friend 

Image by Celine Sayuri Tagami


Pricing depends on the option of embroidery and also the size and complexity of design.

*Email me to discuss your pet embroidery and quote.

I require a photo of your pet to use as reference so I can create a very realistic portrait of your animal. 

Due to the detail, intricacy and realism of the pet portraiture, the embroidery is a labour of love and takes a lot of hours to complete! Your exchange supports my art business and all the hours of love I spend stitching :)

Image by Jonas Vincent
Image by Nadi Whatisdelirium
Dog Dressed as Butterfly
Image by Selin  Şahin
Image by Chris Charles
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