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Hand Embroidery Art: 


When I'm not arranging blooms I'm embroidering them!

I love to stitch the blessings of blooms into repurposed garments so that you can wear unique & wearable art that connects you to your heart and makes you feel amazing.

I have been embroidering since my Nana first taught me when I was 10 years old. 

I haven't put the needle down since, in fact I would say it is my addiction!

Embroidery has been around for thousands of years and has been used by people to communicate, ward off spirits, mend, express, mark history and create beauty.

I am deeply passionate about continuing to pass down this ancient craft and to bring embroidery back into our daily lives.

Each Embroidery I create is completely unique and one of it's kind.

No embroidery is ever the same which makes it so special.

I like to think that every embroidery I create has its special 'soul mate' that is awaiting its forever home. I find that certain people feel called to each piece and I love hearing from people their story and connection to the threads. 

I take on a limited number of Embroidery Commissions. If you are after something special please contact me to discuss your embroidery dreams.

To stay up to date with my latest embroidery follow my account on depop and my embroidery instagram account.

There you can see my portfolio. 

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