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 Flower Crown Workshops 

How long: 

The workshops roughly last 2 hours, 1.5 hours of learning and creating fun, then time for clean up and gorgeous photos with everyone. 

What for: 

Flower Crowns are a fun way to gather your friends and bless your special day. Whether it be a special celebration, event, birthday, bridal shower, hens night, baby shower, funeral, corporate function, graduation, work party, any time is a good time for flowers- and you don't need a special excuse to make flower crowns! 

Where do we host a workshop:

Basically anywhere! We come to you, whether it be your home, park, or dedicated event space you've organised. All we require is a comfortable seating space (either table or on the ground) for your group. 

Gold Coast- Brisbane- Northern Rivers 



min- 4 people 

How to secure a date:

Email us to secure a booking.

Once we've added you to our calendar we will send you an invoice for a deposit (35% of cost).

Or you can pay total cost up front. 


Flower Crown Background: 

Mother Nature gifts us with beautiful blooms which heal our souls and are the reproductive organs of LIFE! Flowers have an essence which can speak when there are no words. They can bless any space with their beauty, so no wonder they are at the core of celebrations and ceremonies. Tracing back to ancient civilisations, Flower Crowns have been worn on special occasions to symbolise gods and goddesses, status, victory, love, fertility, feminism, peace and nature connection. 

In ancient Greece crowns were worn to honor the gods, symbolise status and olive wreaths were rewarded to Olympic victors. Crowns made of oak, laurel, myrtle and grass were worn by military Romans.



















The Floralia Festival in Rome honored Flora the goddess of flowers, spring and vegetation. The celebrations included singing, dancing, playing games and feasts. People would decorate everything with flowers and wear flower crowns on their head. 


















In the Victorian Era floriography (the language of flowers) gave flowers certain meanings and people would use them as messages. Flower crowns became popular wedding accessories inspired by Queen Victoria who wore an orange blossom crown in her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. 


















The flower children of the 60’s wore flower crowns to symbolize peace, love and connection to nature and were seen as a fashion statement.




















Artists like Frida Kahlo used flowers to symbolize female empowerment.















Today flowers are the core to many celebrations and flower crowns are still worn at weddings, festivals and in fashion. I strongly believe flowers have this magical power to bless anyone who lays eyes on them and to lighten a space in an instance. This is why I’d love to share with people my knowledge of creating flower crowns so you can connect back to your creativity, connect back to nature and connect back to your roots of wearing a flower crown you made at your special celebration. 

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