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How to get your flowers to me?

It is important we receive your flowers as soon as possible after the event to ensure they are pressed with optimal freshness and colour quality. 

Ideally we like to receive them within 1-2 days but will accept up to 6 days.

Option 1:

Hand deliver your bouquet to my address in Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast.

Option 2:

Post your bouquet using Australia Express Post. 

*See instructions below*

Option 2- Posting your Bouquet:

What you need: 

-Australia Post Prepaid Express Box to fit your bouquet 

-Ziplock plastic bag

-Paper Towels

-Rubber Band/Twine

-News Paper/ Tissue Paper/ Wrapping Paper 


1. Purchase an Express Post Box from Australia Post. Make sure it is big enough to fit your bouquet.

2. Cut 2cm off the stems of your bouquet. 

3. Wet the Paper Towels so they are moist and wrap them around the bottom of the stems. Then sit them in the ziplock bag and secure with a band or twine. 

4. Then place the bouquet into the box and fill all the gaps with paper so that it doesn't move around.

5. Be sure to place tissue paper or paper towel around the blooms to protect them from being damaged. 

6. Tape up your box and post with a fragile label and address. 

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