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How Long Does the Process Take?

Please allow approximately 12 weeks until you receive your artwork. 

Pressing the flowers usually takes around 8 weeks and then time for creating the magical art, framing and posting. 

Pressed flower art is a slow process...but all the best things take time. 

Do The Flowers Keep Their Colour? 

The flowers are preserved using traditional wooden press methods. Naturally they dry a slightly different colour when the moisture leaves them but this is the beautiful process of nature. 

The pressed flowers may slightly fade overtime but they are framed in UV protective acrylic to ensure light doesn't damage them. 

It is important to keep your frame out of direct sunlight and humidity. 

Are there flowers that can't be pressed? 

There are some flowers that press better than others. Bloom Blessing's prefers to work with coloured bouquets (not full white) as it makes a more appealing and interesting pressed flower artwork. 

The best flowers to press are coloured blooms with thin petals (less moisture the better). Bloom Blessing's can make exceptional art out of your blooms but for the best outcome, choose coloured blooms when planning your event. 

I am always here to answer further questions about this topic :)

How To Secure a Booking? 

Email me to discuss your artwork and secure a date with a deposit. 

How To Take Care of My Flowers and Send Them? 

HYDRATE! Make sure your bouquet is kept hydrated in water after your event and kept out of the sun and heat. 

You can either hand deliver them to my address or send via Australia Express Post. Instructions found here: 

How To Hang Artwork? 

The Artwork Frame is supplied with alligator clips on the back to make it easy for you to hang on a screw or hook on your wall. 

What Event Can You Make Art From? 

Bloom Blessings vision is to create art with the flowers/nature that blessed your event or holds a special story/memory. 

The most popular is of course bridal bouquet preservation but the answer is limitless!

I can press blooms from your wedding day, memorial, graduation, birthday, baby shower, engagement, anniversary.... 

I also specialise in making art with blooms/nature from your very own land

*Pressed nature from your special spot made into art you can hang on your wall*

Nature holds the essence and story of a specific place and time and preserving it as a keep sake artwork, turns it into an art piece to pass down generations. 

Contact me for further questions :) 

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