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Private 1/1 Wreath, Flower Crown Workshops 

A private workshop gives you the one on one guidance and support to learn your craft of choice.

At the moment the ancient craft of flower crowns, wreaths and flower bouquets are on offer. You can choose to do fresh or dried. 

The private workshop can take place at my home or in your own space whatever you prefer.

At my home I can take you on a walk to harvest vines for wreath making which is a special bonus to the wreath workshop.

If you'd like to learn a specific skill or get more guidance to grow your skills in these crafts get in touch as I'd love to share with you my tips and tricks :)!

Wreath Workshop - $120

Flower Crown Workshop - $90 

Everlasting Bouquet Workshop - $120

Each workshop lasts 1-2.5 hours depending on how long the creating process takes. 

See workshop pages for a more in depth description.

Contact me to book your special 1/1 workshop! 

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