This Denim Jacket is hand embroidered with blessings from a collection of beautiful Australian native flowers in a bouquet arrangment. 

Flannel FLower, King Protea, Gumnuts, Eucalyptus, Paper Daisies, Banksia, Billy Buttons, Pin Cushion and Kangaroo Paw.

This is a very unique and ONE OF A KIND Denim jacket that no one else will ever own! 

If you love natives as much as I do then this is the jacket for you! 

It's a conversation starter, art to feel good in and express yourself in, a denim jacket that is a staple to any wardrobe but also has that spark. 

Embroidery is a work of art and a labour of love. 

Embroidery is art that never dates. For centuries embroidery has been used to tell stories, secret languages, ward off evil spirits, symbolise, decorate, embellish, mend and personalise garments.  Stitches tell stories and capture life in an intricate way that fills our hearts with nostalgia.  Embroidery makes such a special gift that one can cherish and pass down generations.... just like your ancestors would have done. 

This Jacket holds the essence and blessings of Australian Native Flora and Fauna, a story of the land and the natures gifts which make our souls light up. 

Native Bouquet Blessings Denim Jacket