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Without Nature my art practice wouldn't exist, infact we wouldn't exist to even make art! I started this business to connect people back to Nature through flower crown workshops, nature art and nature inspired textiles... Hoping to reignite that spark Nature gifts us all.

So running a sustainable business is important to me and I'm constantly exploring new ways to be mindful of Nature in my creating process.



For your Flower Crown Workshops: 

I supply seasonal Blooms and Foliage sourced from Local Farmers or my garden. 



Flower Crown Workshops are a great way to bring people together in ceremony. Playing with flowers and colours is very therapeutic, it gets your creative juices flowing and it feels rewarding to wear a crown you made out of nature.

By wearing flowers, you instantly feel blessed by their beauty. They have the power to lighten up your mood and space. 

It is pure magic and it is the perfect activity for any event/ceremony/retreat. 

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